Important ways to prepare your business for emergencies

Business of all sizes face the same challenges when it comes to emergencies or natural disaster. All businesses must focus on keeping employees and customers safe, not only because you care about them but also because you could face a lawsuit if someone is injured on your property because you were not adequately prepared.

Emergencies can come in the shape of manmade or natural disasters, including explosions, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, chemical spills and workplace violence. If you own a business and want to be prepared for the worst even as you hope for the best, the following tips can help you.

Start with a plan

While it may be rare that a business in your area deals with a flood or an earthquake, plumbing problems and server failures are much more common to all businesses. While you are planning for the worst, it could be the everyday problems that end up putting you out of business.

Statistics suggest that if a business cannot open the doors within five days of a disaster striking, the business is likely to fail. This means you need a complete emergency plan in place so you can still offer services and goods to your customers.

Educate your employees

A plan cannot be successful unless your employees know about it. You should do monthly trainings to update new workers on what to do in various types of emergencies. All employees should be prepared to handle any type of disaster that may come your way.

Train on your plan

Teaching your employees is one thing, but actually making them go through the motions is another. They may panic in the moment and completely forget what they are supposed to do if they are not trained on it. In your regular staff meetings, role play an emergency and how each employee should react to it so they are prepared to handle it when it comes.

Know your disaster assistance options

Whether it is the Red Cross or a local group that you turn to when disaster strikes, know who you will call when you need help. Keep a list of numbers for disaster relief that is easily accessible to your employees. With all the tools they need to stay calm no matter what happens, your employees can protect your business.

If you are a brand-new business or an established one, you can still benefit from having someone review your emergency plan and ensure your business is prepared for any risks that may come your way. Consider contacting an attorney with any questions you may have.

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