Choosing A Guardian For Your Children

One of the most important aspects of estate planning is selecting a guardian for your minor children in the event that something happens to you. While nobody likes to think about such tragic possibilities, it's much better to have peace of mind knowing you made a thoughtful decision than to continually put it off.

Without an official guardian designation, the courts would have to select someone for you. This would undoubtedly be a stressful process for your children and loved ones. What's more, without a clear statement of your wishes, the door would be left open to bitter disagreements between family members or in-laws.

At Brummund Law Office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we understand the importance of this weighty decision. Our lawyer will help you put into place a legally enforceable guardianship designation so you can feel good knowing that, should the worst come to pass, your children will be in good hands.

How To Make A Decision You Can Feel Good About

Of course, choosing someone to raise your children in your place is no easy task. Grandparents are often a top choice — but what if they pass away or end up struggling with health problems? And what if the guardian you initially designate is unable or unwilling to accept the responsibility? To prepare for these contingencies, you may wish to designate several alternates.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when selecting potential guardians:

  • What is their family situation? Do they have other children?
  • Do they share your religious convictions and values?
  • Do they already have a meaningful relationship with your children?
  • Do they have the financial ability to take on additional children?
  • How stable is their home environment?
  • Would your children be able to stay at the same schools?
  • Are they physically and mentally well enough to care for your children?

Don't Let Your Decision Grow Stale

Because your circumstances — and those of your guardians — are always changing, it's important to revisit your guardianship designation on a regular basis. Our lawyer can help you with the initial determination as well as ongoing updates.

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