Protecting Your Interests As A Landlord

Landlord-tenant law in Wisconsin can be complicated. As a landlord, you have a strong financial interest in ensuring a smooth relationship with your tenants.

The best way to protect yourself is through proactive measures. Avoiding costly disputes down the road begins with a well-drafted lease — one that clearly outlines each party's rights and responsibilities. A thorough lease will comply with the law in all its provisions and provide a strong leg for you to stand on should conflict arise.

Reliable Guidance On Any Concerns You May Face

At Brummund Law Office in Milwaukee, we provide knowledgeable guidance for residential and commercial landlords on all the legal issues you may be facing. We understand the rental and commercial property market in the Milwaukee area. Our lawyer appreciates the legal, financial and business considerations that go into landlord-tenant relationships. By identifying risks before they turn into full-blown disputes — and efficiently addressing disputes that do arise — we minimize the toll these issues can take on your bottom line.

We'll work hard to achieve your goals and protect your financial interests, no matter what concerns you are facing.

Our attorney can assist you with:

  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing leases
  • Complying with fair housing law
  • Interpreting lease provisions
  • Dealing with breaches of the lease
  • Pursuing evictions and rent enforcement
  • Handling other disputes with tenants

In each of these areas, we take a hands-on approach to meeting your needs. You can expect to work directly with attorney Brummund on a one-on-one basis. We provide prompt, responsive communication and attentive service.

Let Us Work Toward Your Success

Get the peace of mind that comes from working with a reliable legal professional who is dedicated to your success. To arrange a free consultation with Mr. Brummund, please call 414-988-3382.

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