Helping People On Either Side Of A Contractor Fraud Dispute Resolve Their Issues

Contractors are frequently accused of fraud when a project is started but never finished. The money for these projects is usually paid in advance, so the business or individual who paid for the project feels justified in accusing the contractor of fraudulent behavior.

Whichever side of this conflict you are on, you need a Wisconsin lawyer with experience in resolving these matters, whether it is through negotiation or in court. Brummund Law Office helps both contractors and those who have contracted the unfinished work, bring their cases to a successful resolution. Attorney Walter Brummund gives you a realistic assessment of your case and will advise you on the best ways to solve the problem.

I Am A Contractor Who Is Being Accused Of Fraud. How Can You Help Me?

Mr. Brummund regularly represents contractors in Milwaukee County, Waukesha County and surrounding areas who have been accused of fraud. He will review your case and look for ways to resolve the issue quickly and in a cost-effective manner. If your case ends up in court, he can defend you against any criminal charges as well as handling civil litigation.

I Have To Hold A Contractor Accountable For Not Finishing The Job. How Can You Help Me?

Mr. Brummund will review your case and look for ways to obtain restitution from the contractor in question. He will do everything possible to get part or all of your original payment back. When appropriate, he will sue for extra damages. He will also bring your case to local prosecutors who will examine your case to see if criminal charges can be filed.

There Are Advantages To Knowing Both Sides Of The Issue

Because Mr. Brummund has worked on both sides of these disputes, he knows how the opposition is likely to act and react. Frequently, he is able to resolve these issues outside of court so that both sides are satisfied with the agreement. If that is not possible, Walter will aggressively protect your interests.

We Will Find A Solution To Your Conflict

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