Why A Well-Written Contract Is So Important

Almost all businesses rely on contracts. Perhaps your company has contractual relationships with laborers, trade workers, general contractors, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, independent contractors or employees. Your commercial lease is another type of contract. You may also need niche types of contracts — such as noncompete or confidentiality agreements — to protect your interests.

These binding legal documents can shape the success or failure of your business. A well-drafted contract will set out each party's expectations in a clear manner. It will anticipate potential problems and address how to deal with contingencies. It will outline each party's remedies in the event of a breach, and it will specify which law and forums will govern the resolution of disputes.

A poorly drafted contract can expose your business to significant liability. Unclear provisions can give rise to costly disputes that require a court, arbitrator or other third party to resolve. For this reason, it's well worth the investment in professional legal guidance upfront to avoid pitfalls later on.

Benefit From Our Business And Legal Knowledge

At Brummund Law Office, we help businesses navigate all types of contract issues, from negotiating, reviewing and drafting contracts to dealing with breaches.

Our lawyer brings to the table an ideal background in Wisconsin business and contract law. By working with businesses from a wide range of industries — including construction and hospitality — our legal team has gained a thorough grasp of how to help clients achieve their objectives. We will take the time to understand your goals with each particular contract so we can better meet your needs.

Your Bottom Line Matters

As a business owner himself, attorney Walt Brummund believes in cost-effective solutions. He will always be mindful of your bottom line. At our firm, you will never encounter bloated bills or needless expenses.

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