A Dispute Between Partners Can Cause A Dissolution And Destroy A Business

If you are in dispute with one of your business partners, you need to make sure your interests are carefully guarded. You risk losing everything if you don't have a lawyer on your side.

Walter Brummund of Brummund Law Office can guide you through the process of either resolving your dispute or separating yourself from the partnership while protecting your own interests. He negotiates business dissolution for individuals and small businesses in Greater Milwaukee, including Waukesha County and all surrounding Wisconsin counties. Mr. Brummund is candid about your situation and the best ways to resolve it, regardless of which side you are on.

Use the online contact form to schedule a consultation. Attorney Brummund will review your situation and recommend an effective course of action.

Brummund Law Office can represent you for these and other partnership disputes:

  • Disputes between partners where one has invested money and the other has invested time
  • Conflicts between original oral agreements and what shows up in a final partnership contract
  • Misperceptions about how much work or money each partner has or will put into the business
  • Business fraud

You Have A Lot To Lose

If you are just starting a new business partnership or have been in one for a long time, you need to take the time to think about what would happen if things go bad. There are a lot of questions you should discuss with your business partners, such as:

  • Who gets to keep the business if there is a falling out?
  • What happens to physical and intellectual property?
  • What do I get out of the deal?
  • Will I be able to keep my own ideas and hard work?
  • What about my initial investment?

Brummund Law will help you answer these questions and many more. The firm is here to make sure you are treated fairly and get what you need out of the separation. Frequently Mr. Brummund is able to negotiate a settlement that you and your business partner or partners can live with. If that is not possible, he will file a lawsuit to resolve your situation. He will aggressively represent your interests at all times.

Let Us Help You Control The Outcome Of Your Business Dispute

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