You Must Bring Your Business Into Compliance With State And Local Regulations

You have your business premises, you're ready to get started with the next exciting phase of your new business. Have you thought about all of the things you need to put in place to ensure you are in compliance with regulators in Wisconsin, as well as on the county and local levels?

Brummund Law Office can help you protect your new business venture from potential lawsuits and fines from state, county and local authorities. Attorney Walter Brummund guides small businesses through business formation and business compliance requirements. He will review your current situation and give you his honest opinion of what you will need to do to satisfy your compliance issues.

Brummund Law Office can assist you in obtaining these and other regulatory documents:

  • Alcohol licenses
  • Tax licenses
  • Contractor licenses
  • Home improvement contractor licenses
  • Secondhand dealer licenses
  • Food dealer licenses
  • Restaurant permits
  • Occupancy permits
  • Public entertainment premises permits

A Firm That Helps You Think Ahead For Success

Mr. Brummund will evaluate every aspect of your business and inform you of what you will need to meet business compliance standards in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. He will also make recommendations for corporate compliance issues you may need to change or add as your business expands.

He knows how invested you are in your business and how much it means to you. He wants to help you every step of the way.

Make Sure Your Business Is Running In Accordance With State And Local Laws

Call 414-988-3382 or contact the firm online to make an appointment to discuss how to bring your business into compliance.

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