A Breach Of Contract Can Ruin Your Business — Let Our Lawyer Help You Resolve It

You sign a contract with a supplier, a contractor or some other business entity so that you both understand the terms of your deal and are bound by it. When the other party fails to follow through on its end, your reputation can be permanently damaged, whether you are unable to complete manufacture of your product because of a missing part or a project is put on hold until the issue is resolved. You cannot afford to allow this to happen to your growing business. You need a skilled attorney to hold the other party accountable to your agreement or compensate you for your losses.

Brummund Law Office has seen the damage a breach of contract can do to a business. Attorney Walter Brummund will pursue every avenue to bring your contract dispute to a successful conclusion.

The firm regularly represents clients throughout Greater Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin, including Waukesha County and neighboring counties. Call 414-988-3382 to schedule a meeting.

Telling Your Side Of The Story

Sometimes, having your side of the conflict explained clearly and concisely can make all of the difference. Mr. Brummund will sit down with you and listen to your concerns. He will ask a lot of questions and press you for details. He will also be completely honest about your case and the best ways to resolve it.

Once he has a complete picture of your situation, he will share that picture with the party you are in conflict with and with the court. Whenever possible he will work with both parties to come to an agreement both can live with. If this is not possible, he will aggressively represent your interests before a judge.

Let Us Help You Get Your Business Back On Track

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