Helping Your Business Grow, Thrive And Overcome Obstacles

At various points throughout the life of your business, you need quality legal guidance to prevent problems from occurring and find solutions for those that do. You need a lawyer who understands your business and wants to see you succeed.

At Brummund Law Office, we understand the needs of small businesses. Our lawyer has worked with many business owners and entrepreneurs in the Milwaukee area in industries such as construction, hospitality, rental properties and more.

As a small business owner himself, attorney Walker knows firsthand the dedication and effort it takes to run a successful business. You can rely on him to take your businesses needs seriously.

Running a company can be very complicated and sometimes frustrating. We're committed to helping you succeed.

Guidance On All Your Business Needs

We handle business and commercial law issues ranging from litigation to contracts, formation, dissolution, compliance, landlord-tenant matters and transactions. In addition to serving local businesses, we also represent those with international ties.

Every business is unique. Your business may need certain licenses or permits. You may need a set of professional eyes to review a proposed contract or lease. If you're just starting out, you may need your business formation documents written in a certain way to allow you flexibility down the road.

Whatever your legal needs, attorney Brummund will take an attentive approach to understanding the unique goals and challenges of your business. He will use that vantage point to develop a customized plan for your company.

Your Partner In Success

To start discussing a plan for addressing the legal issues your business is facing, please call our office in southeast Wisconsin at 414-988-3382. Your initial consultation is free.

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